• 2018-11-30   

  • Quality comes from profession, trust wins the future—NCC


  • Communication without borders, connecting you and me——TE
    Smart home (tablet, smart TV and set-top box), smart phone and other connectivity solutions


  • Gas sensors for home, office and automotive applications - FIGARO
    FIGARO has been in the field of gas sensors for more than 40 years, with high reliability, long life, small size and excellent performance characteristics, obtained IOS 9001 IOS 14001 certification, from the development to the introduction of global technical support and product support after sales.


  • Technological innovation makes impossible possible——ABLIC
    Super-small package, high precision, low consumption current power management IC; high reliability, ultra-small and high quality EEPROM corresponding to various interfaces; temperature sensor, temperature switch IC and other products


  • Jointly create new value for the future -- KOA
    KOA resistor products include all kinds of fixed resistors and thermistors, varistors, inductors, ceramic substrates, etc. The product lines are many and full of functions, widely used in precision instruments, control equipment, automotive electronics and other circuits with high reliability requirements.